[container padding=”20px 0″ classname=”aboutus” overflow=”visible”][three_fifth content_width=”auto” margin=”0 30px 0 0″][title size=”small”]Company[/title][text]The Volanti Luisi Ltd selects the best leather and the best wood to create objects that adorn the interior of each car and enhance driving pleasure. refined or sporty design, sober and discreet colors, or young and vibrant: a variety of models that share the craftsmanship in the realization and the attention to detail typical of the product designed and manufactured entirely by Italian workers for the quality of the signature Luisi.[/text]All Volanti Luisi are CE marked in compliance with: [tm_list][list_item icon=”fa-circle-o”]UNI EN ISO 10592 (October 2001) [/list_item][list_item icon=”fa-circle-o”]UNI EN 29775 (May 2002) [/list_item][list_item icon=”fa-circle-o”]UNI EN 28848 (May 2002) [/list_item][/tm_list]In addition, the Volanti Luisi meet the requirements of the European Directive 94/25 / EC of June 1994 and the updates made by Directive 2003/44 / EC of June 2003 relating to recreational craft[/three_fifth][two_fifth][/two_fifth][/container]

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[container padding=”20px 0″ classname=”aboutus” overflow=”visible”][three_fifth content_width=”auto” margin=”0 30px 0 0″][title size=”small”]History[/title][text]La Volanti luisi srl was founded by Mr Vincenzo Luisi in 1965. Thanks to the choice of the best raw materials and advanced plastic materials, Luisi products manage to climb in a few decades the market establishing itself as one of the Industries of the Sector Leader. Increasingly Large Automotive Names and Water approach the Luisi productions that over the years spans a wide selection of models and accessories from both the Design Refined that Sportsman. The attention to details and craftsmanship placed at every stage of the design and processing gives the Company the important ISO 9001: 2000 certification from RINA.[/text][/three_fifth][two_fifth][/two_fifth][/container]